Basic Glossary of Online Blackjack

 Blackjack is a fairly simple game, but to have a good chance of winning it is good to know the basic terminology. CasinoPilota has prepared a basic mini-glossary for you so you don’t get caught unprepared!

  • Double Down : playing blackjack online, you will have the chance to double down; this means that you can place a second bet on your table. Whether or not to double down will, of course, depend on the cards you hold at the start of each hand
  • Split : this is a term that defines the possibility of splitting a hand of two cards that form a pair or have the same value in terms of points
  • Insurance : Typically, insurance is a special bet that the player can make when the dealer has an ace up card. This bet ‘insures’ the player against a possible dealer blackjack, and can typically go up to half the initial bet.
  • Hit : when the player requests an additional card from the dealer
  • Stand: when the player chooses to ‘stand’ with their cards
  • Surrender : when surrender is allowed, the player has the option to withdraw his hand and ‘save’ part of his initial bet
  • Push: indicates a tie between the bank and the player. In these cases, the player’s stake is returned
  • Bust : when the player or the dealer exceeds the score of 21. In Italian it is known by the term ‘bust’. When the dealer busts, the winnings are generally paid to all players with a score below 21

How Much Do Winning Hands Pay?

The winning hands for the player pay in the measure of 2,5: 1 in case of blackjack (sum of the values ​​of the cards equal to 21), in the measure of 2: 1 in all other cases. Among the reasons for the spread of this game is the high probability for the player to win. The possible combinations of cards offer the player up to 50% win rate. Obviously, to win at online blackjack you have to reduce the disadvantage compared to the house; and this requires a well-structured game strategy, which can leverage the so-called Blackjack tables.

Types of Online Blackjack

The spread in our country of online casinos with AAMS license has been accompanied by the extreme variety of online Blackjack. In addition to the traditional one, you have the opportunity to also play the Single Deck, Double Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and many others. The aim is to further diversify the offer available to players.

European Blackjack

Here 6 52-card decks are shuffled before each hand. The dealer receives a face up card and, in case of soft 17 (soft hand with ace totaling 7 or 17), he will have the obligation to call. Here too, you can make further bets during the hand or split two cards that form a pair or have the same value. Generally, European Blackjack allows surrender. A winning hand with blackjack will pay you 3: 2.

Blackjack Double Exposure

Double Exposure Blackjack provides that the dealer’s cards are always face up, offering an advantage to the player, who can thus build his own strategy better; in case of a tie, however, the winnings will be attributed entirely to the bank.