How to Play Online Roulette?

The first thing to do is select the variant you want to play and buy some chips. Generally, the chips have different colors depending on their cash value: this way, you can realize at any time how much you are actually betting. You can place the chips you want to bet directly on the table, via mouse or tap (if you play mobile). Before the game starts spinning, you need to choose how much to bet. If for standard roulette the game starts when you decide, the live reoulette has fixed times instead. Always keep this factor in mind!

Betting Rules

There are specific rules to follow when placing bets, especially regarding the special bets you have already seen in our glossary. In particular:

  • For bets on the neighbors of zero, 9 chips are generally wagered on numbers between 22 and 25 (including the latter);
  • For bets on the 5/8 series, 6 chips are usually wagered, one each on pairs of numbers 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36;
  • For bets on orphans and orphans, 5 chips must be wagered, one on 1 and the other 4 on each of the following pairs: 6/9, 14/7, 17/20 and 31/34.

Warning! These bets are not available in American roulette.

Online Roulette Bonus

Now comes the time to discover the promotions that can allow you to get rich and inviting bonuses to be able to play this exciting discipline. In fact, there are several platforms dedicated to online gaming that make one or more offers available to their customers.

Advantages of Mobile Roulette

Of course, playing mobile online roulette offers tons of benefits, including convenience, portability and access to all bonuses and special offers. Plus, the latest mobile roulette games are groundbreaking, with truly spectacular graphics and sound effects.

Variants of Online Roulette

Online roulette as we know it is the definitive result of the evolutions that the queen of victory 996 casino games has gone through. Now millions of players around the world can play online roulette, but in reality there is not a single type of game for this specialty, which in the meantime has seen the development of several variations.

French Roulette

Let’s start with French roulette, which includes two aspects that are not found in the other variants, namely the En Prison and the Resa. In the first case, all simple bets are withheld, i.e. those on the even or odd number, on the red or black or on the high or low number, when the number that is drawn is zero.

English Roulette

Let’s now move on to English roulette, which if it were not for a couple of tricks could almost seem a copy of the version that arrived in the rest of Europe from France. Here, compared to French roulette we do not find the En Prison, therefore the bets that are placed when the number drawn is zero are refunded. At the table there can be a maximum of 7 seats, while the number of dealers increases to two.

American Roulette

We close with the American version. Let’s start with the first peculiarity, namely the fact of finding two zeros, a solution that benefits the dealer over the players. More regular arrangement of numbers and more intuitive betting systems than in French and English roulette, since with 38 numbers the situation of bets and extraction are much more homogeneous.

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